Jeff Brant, DVM

Hippo Manager Chief of Business Development

Jeff Brant Chief Business Dev Hippo Manager

Dr. Jeff Brant, DVM

Dr. Jeff Brant joins the Hippo Manager team to strengthen the relationships between large hospitals and multi-unit practices and Hippo Manager. Dr. Brant has worked as a veterinarian for more than 3 decades and brings his knowledge and experience to the table as a valued member of the executive leadership team at Hippo Manager.

Dr. Brant specializes in enterprise solutions and best-practices for veterinary businesses at Hippo Manager. Learn more about Hippo Managers impact on the veterinary industry by following Dr. Brant’s blog contributions, below.

News and Updates

2 Major Benefits of Veterinary Text Messaging

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Do you remember that classic Verizon commercial where the guy asked “Can you hear me now?” over and over again? If that commercial was redone today, it’d have to ask: “Can you READ me now?”  Text messaging has overwhelmingly become…

4 Major Benefits of Veterinary Wellness Plans

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Before I started my career in the veterinary industry, I had a puppy on a preventive care plan.  It was quite perfect because I had never owned a dog before, much less a puppy, and I had no clue what…

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