The safety and security of your veterinary practice data should be taken seriously – implementing best practice protocols like enabling your veterinary software user access levels can prevent unauthorized access to practice files.  Not only is specifying user levels and creating access parameters around your users a good idea, it is a business security 101 feature your veterinary practice management software should provide. Watch our short video below and check out our two basic steps your practice can implement TODAY to protect your client lists and veterinary practice files.

Prevent Unauthorized Access to Practice Files

Create A User Account For EVERYONE On Staff.

It really is that simple.  It might seem faster to you to stay logged into one user account, but not only is it a RED ALERT! RED ALERT! bad security practice, your practice is losing out on VALUABLE data that can be used to GROW your veterinary practice business.  Hippo Manager offers UNLIMITED users, so don’t let that stop you from implementing this best practice.

different user accounts in veterinary software

Create different user accounts to track employee veterinary software usage and task productivity!


Creating a user account is easy and available to only admin levels, or, the Hippo Manager technical support team can create them for you.  User accounts can be activated and deactivated within seconds with just a few simple clicks.  Take advantage of our unlimited technical support (get a free trial anytime!) and have us help you if you’re expecting a staff change or update to many users in your practice management software.

If you don’t have individual user accounts your practice won’t be able to see valuable profit driving data in the provider production reports or, be able to segment user activity and understand who is more productive or who might be performing tasks in your veterinary software that you don’t want them to.  Creating individual user accounts is smart, simple and safe for your veterinary practice.  This can show you who is accessing what and can prevent unauthorized access to veterinary practice client lists that are valuable to your business bottom line.

You might think you’re saving time by allowing everyone to use the same logging and just stay logged in all the time but you aren’t protecting your veterinary practice client lists or practice files by allowing a “free for all” user level type approach.

When needed, Hippo Manager can even provide a breakdown of user activity and reports that might have been run or data that might have been downloaded and used without authorization from your practice.  We make it easy for our practices to implement strategies to GROW business and PROTECT future profits.

Implement user access levels.

We’ll say it again.

Implement user access levels.

By restricting access to each employee according to their job role or description your veterinary practice can be saved from files and lists being copied or, stolen.  In Hippo Manager, our practice management software allows for the authorized account owner or, admin – think, Practice Manager, head DVM or, owner (or, all three in some cases!) can give the correct permissions to each employee, allowing the right amount of access to the various areas of the patient and business functions.

You might think you’re saving time by giving all staff total access so everyone can “do everything” but you aren’t protecting your veterinary practice client lists or practice files by allowing a “free for all” user level type approach.

user access levels veterinary software hippo manager

Create users with different access levels to prevent unauthorized access to veterinary practice client lists!


Give all access, some access, specified level access or, minimal access such as only scheduling, to a user.  The user role can be set up with certain access to the veterinary software program, preventing any unauthorized access and, at any time, and, can be updated as the role grows or changes.  Only an admin can make changes to user access roles however, our friendly support staff can step in and create account locks and provide user access reports on all users logged into your system whenever your practice should need the information.

Need to verify employee activity?  Check the access log and, if need be, Hippo Manager can run specific user activity report showing all file types and activity in your veterinary software that has been accessed during a specific date frame, by that user.

user access levels veterinary software

Changing staff?  Re-defining staff roles?
Your veterinary practice can prevent unauthorized access to practice files.

Is a staff member leaving to pursue other career dreams or, is an employee (gulp, we hate to say it but it has to happen sometimes) on the brink of termination?  In any of these instances where a veterinary practice staff member leaves the practice on good, or, not so good terms, if your practice has instituted user access levels your client lists, business financial files and more at your practice is safe from unauthorized access or worse, theft of information.

User access level restrictions should be offered by your veterinary practice management software partner (it is by Hippo Manager!) and your veterinary practice should be making sure you are using and keeping up-to-date with different user accounts.  These two simple best practices can keep your veterinary practice secure and prevent unauthorized access to practice files and clients lists.

***You CAN prevent unauthorized access to your veterinary practice client lists – we KNOW that’s an important feature of any veterinary practice management software partner.***

Get started for FREE in Hippo Manager today. We’ll make the switch EASY, use us alongside your current provider with no obligation – get to know easy to use and simple to learn cloud veterinary practice management software.  Our simple and straight-forward pricing at only $80 per month per vet includes unlimited users and technical support, data storage, training and patients.  Call 877-819-0159 or email:


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