Hippo Manager has introduced an upgrade to our veterinary prescription labels, making important fields more clear, enabling the prescribing information to be more concise aiding in high quality care for every veterinary patient.

Veterinary software feature upgrades such as the prescription label, are client-feedback driven and allow for our developers to build and deliver a stronger software practice management product to our veterinary clients, quickly and, more efficiently.

The new label includes an increased and bolded font size for the prescribing clinic as well as bolded areas for the medication type, quantity and dosage instructions highlighting the areas of the prescription label that require the most attention to detail.

hippo manager veterinary rx labels

veterinary prescription labels

NEW Veterinary RX Label in Hippo Manager

The new prescription label format is not only easier to read but, also leaves room for additional specific personal notes from the doctor to the patient caregivers.  Formatting the prescription label in Hippo Manager veterinary software adheres to better industry standards, elevating practice industry compliance and a higher standard of care.

For any questions related to feature and veterinary software upgrades within Hippo Manager practice management software, please contact our training and support department: or call 877-819-0159 ext 2

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