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Custom Vet Reports & Forms in Hippo Manager – Update!

Hippo Manager v 1.4.3 includes custom vet reports and forms for all clients available immediately.  The most recent update rolled out instantly across all client platforms via our cloud technology includes some minor user experience updates as well as 10+ forms and reports that our veterinary practice partners love to have on hand ready to perform their job and business functions as efficiently as possible within Hippo Manager.

Our veterinary practice management software is continuously being developed to grow with our veterinary practice partners.  We don’t stop moving our veterinary software forward, ever.  The custom vet reports and forms in Hippo Manager that were added recently can be found by navigating to the “Reports” tab in your Hippo Manager app and selecting “Client Forms”.

Scroll down for a list of the custom vet reports and forms released in Hippo Manager recently.

If you’d like to see these new forms and reports on your Home Screen or “Choose Action” screen, simply head to the “User” tab at the top and click on “Choose Action Settings”.  There you can drag and drop your preferred home screen icons so that they always appear under the “Choose Action” screen whenever you log in with your user account.

Changes made to the choose action screen under one user, don’t take effect for every user at the clinic. Each user can modify their Choose Action screen experience and settings as it suits their job responsibilities and workflow!

Below is a list of the forms and reports that are available to all our clients as well as a PDF example of some of these forms.

  • Dental – Canine
  • Dental – Equine
  • Dental – Feline
  • Coggins
  • Surgery Count
  • All Records
  • Client Forms

Got questions on our user experience modifications and forms/reports update?  Call our customer service and technical support department on 877-819-0159 ext 2 M-Sa 8a-8pEST or, contact your Client Executive directly!  Email us anytime with questions on

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