Hippo Manager’s appointment scheduler is fully customizable! ✅ From the appointment templates, to colors, to time, date, room set up, columns and row set up and, easily toggle between locations without logging out! 👏 💯

veterinary software appointment scheduler

Customize Your Appointment Scheduler

  • Organize by exam room, doctor, appointment type & more
  • Color-code according to your preferences
  • Set-up in 20minute, 1 hour, 10 minute etc.. intervals.  Great for high-volume clinics!
  • Customize appointment type templates
  • Drag and drop templates
  • Hover over appointment for quick-view
  • Easily edit templates
  • Create your own templates

Learn how to customize the appointment scheduler.  Or, set up a custom one-on-one training session to get the most out of our easy to use and simple to learn veterinary software.  Include the appointment scheduler customization in your request and get your veterinary practice on the road to better efficiency 📈 today!

Take a video tour of our veterinary software scheduler below, and get started in a no-obligations free trial today!  Call us 877-819-0159

Appointment Scheduler – Video

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