Hippo Manager has added Antech lab integration with our veterinary software! In-house and reference labs are available through a direct integration and can be pulled easily into the patient record in Hippo Manager.

View our press release.

antech lab integration in hippo managerHippo Manager is, officially…

Antech Lab Integrated Veterinary Software

Watch our lab integration video below, or, on YouTube here.

Sign up for our special training session (here) as we complete a walk-through of how the direct integration works and makes veterinary practices MORE efficient!

Reference Lab Integration

The integration with Idexx labs allows for easy access lab results from outside/reference labs. Pull results directly into the patient profile, just a few clicks away!

veterinary software integrated with idexx labsOn-Site Equipment

If your veterinary practice uses IDEXX lab equipment in-house you can pull those results directly into Hippo Manager and the patient profile, making medical care and analysis a seamless part of your day.

antech lab integration in hippo manager requisition

idexx lab integrated veterinary software hippo manager ipad

About Hippo Manager Veterinary Software

We love what we do.

We EMPOWER veterinary professionals to THRIVE.

Hippo Manager is the largest independently owned cloud-based veterinary practice management software in the United States.  We’re aimed at providing practice management solutions that drive profits.  Not to mention software as a seamless part of a highly efficient practice focused on patient care. Hippo Manage always offers a no-obligation free trial.

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