free mailed postcard veterinary patient reminders

Free Postcard Reminders for your Veterinary Practice

Get free mailed postcard veterinary patient reminders for your practice with Hippo Manager!  Mailing postcard reminders can increase repeat business at your veterinary clinic and build customer loyalty.  When paired with our built-in free email reminders and call-back lists, your business triples its chances of reducing client no-shows and keeps more profits in your pocket!

Get mailed postcard reminders today and get $100 off ( = 150 FREE POSTCARDS)

FREE Mailed Veterinary Patient Postcard Reminders

Veterinary practice clients are busy, just like the veterinary professionals who see their pets, so it’s important to be able to use a reminder strategy that breaks through the clutter.  Using mailed postcard reminders strengthens that clutter-cutting and starting with your first 150 FREE is a great way to hit the ground running!

Research shows that when practices COMBINE a reminder strategy for their clients such as email AND mailed postcard reminders, appointment compliance increases and not to mention, customer loyalty.

Combining email reminders and mailed postcard reminders is now a service Hippo Manager offers its clients as part of a full service practice management software solution.

Get 150 FREE mailed postcard reminders for your veterinary practice today – click here.

mailed reminder postcards

Become a Hippo Manager veterinary practice partner and begin your integrated campaign to drive profits and lower no-shows by starting mailed postcard service today and getting your first 150 postcards ABSOLUTELY FREE, start here. 

About Hippo Manager Veterinary Software

Hippo Manager is the largest independently owned cloud-based veterinary practice management software in the United States.  Aimed at providing practice management solutions that drive profits and make software a seamless part of a highly efficient practice focused on patient care, Hippo Manage always offers a no-obligations free trial.   Start today.  877-819-0159

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