Client Update:  User Configuration Update.  At Hippo Manager Veterinary Practice Software, we aim to continually improve our client user experience and offer upgrades to the features within our product.
We’ve been monitoring the functionality within the different user roles of Hippo Manager and have determined that an upgrade to the current structure of the user roles is needed at this time.
Our development team will be rolling out a structure upgrade to user configuration roles Sunday August 14th after 6pm EST.
This upgrade will be immediate and will not cause any downtime for our customers. You should expect Hippo Manager to work as normal beginning business Monday morning, with the below changes, in effect. This Hippo Manager user update affects only ACTIVE clients of Hippo Manager.
User Update Detail:
In detail, here are the specific changes happening only to the following roles:
**User roles are defined as “Vets” “Scheduler” and so forth.**
  • Vets & Officer Manager: Removing access to administration. Only “Super Users” will have access to administration.
  • Scheduler: Can now add patients from the Choose Action Screen.
  • Users: Removing access to reports.
We’re hoping your practice will enjoy the added features of the updated user configuration update.  We believe this will enhance the user-ability of our program and aim for 100% customer satisfaction.
Operating as a veterinary practice cloud based software company, all our updates, including this Hippo Manager user update, are instantaneous and offer no downtime for our clients.  There’s never any upgrades that your practice needs to complete at the local level, with all upgrade, just sign in to Hippo Manager, through Google Chrome as you always would.
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