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Get In-Person Veterinary Software Training For Your Practice Staff

Whether you’re switching your PiMS provider or just ready to get more out of your veterinary software, it’s probably a great time to schedule in-person veterinary software training with an expert at Hippo Manager! In-person training is a great way to compliment unlimited online training and support from Hippo Manager.  As an add-on feature, on-site training is offered to all veterinary practice partners.

Offered to all continental US-based veterinary practices, in-person veterinary software training is a one-time fee of only $1,750.  Check out all the total value and full details of this full day of hands-on learning here.

Want to swing the cost with your boss but need to come ready to bat?  We’ll give you reasons right here why in-person training is a great return on investment with Hippo Manager.

WHY In-Person Veterinary Software Training is a GOOD Idea

Here’s your top 5 list when you’re ready to state your case to the practice manager or, owner.
  1. You’re probably only using 30% of what the veterinary software actually does – get more bang for your buck!
  2. New staff additions – get everyone on the same page at the same time
  3. Remove persistent problems once and for all
  4. On-boarding AMPLIFIED
  5. Personalized training suited to your practice needs – get detailed training on specific areas related to your practice only

Hippo Manager subscriptions include unlimited online training and support with access to thousands of hours of learning opportunities. However, we know our practice partners are busy so, set time aside for some one-on-one in-person staff training and get the most out of total practice management.

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Now that’s some excellent training

Veterinary Practices on Average Use Only 30% of their PiMS Capabilities!!

On average, we know that veterinary practices know about and are accessing only certain areas of their veterinary software. Scheduling appointments, charting and some checkout procedures are most used.

veterinary practice staff training shocked baby

Our faces when we found this out


BUT, Hippo Manager offers so much more built-in!

  • Learn how to run reports and look at data to see things like new client growth.
  • Learn how to build and use chart templates to save time with patients.
  • Build and use items kits to avoid missing charges at checkout and see revenue grow!
  • Customize the appointment scheduler to suit the needs of the clinic and exam rooms/visit type.
  • Customize the user experience! Your front desk receptionist probably needs to use different items than your tech requesting labs. Change the layout for each user so everyone can get to what they do most, faster!

Start using 100% of everything built into your practice management software. Not only will it improve practice efficiencies and patient care, furthermore the practice will draw even GREATER value from Hippo Manager.

Help New Staff Hit the Ground Running!

Adding new staff means great things! The practice is growing and patient care is even better than before. However, the amount of time it can take to train staff on unique practice habits and a veterinary software that they’ve possibly not used before, can be time-consuming and costly if not handled upfront and quickly.

veterinary practice staff training hit the ground running track

Hippo Helps Hit the ground running!

Don’t lose staff time on gradual learning or worse, letting older staff with bad habits train them. Studies show that staff who are on-boarded properly and get hands-on attention when learning new software are happier and more loyal. A staff that sticks around is what veterinary practices want.


Compliment the online learning library in Hippo Manager with in-person veterinary practice staff training. Book here.


Persistent Problems are just Bad Habits in Disguise

Bad habits, we’ve all got them. The good news is that they can be broken. Are there some staff members that have persistent issues in entering data incorrectly, perhaps costing the practice hundreds or thousands of lost revenue?

Are staff complaining about “too many clicks” or, “I just do it this way to get around because I don’t know what’s really going on.”?

Bad habits can cost a practice time and thousands of dollars in lost profits. Not to mention patient care could be at risk! Get to the bottom of persistent problems with dedicated personalized training. A Hippo Manager expert will walk a mile in your staff’s shoes and rectify issues and correct bad habits once and for all!

veterinary practice management software training bad habits horse disguise

Not foolin’ us over here, no disguising those bad habits anymore!

In-Person On-Boarding Veterinary Practice Staff Training

Hippo Manager has a five-star on-boarding program for all new practices. Veterinary practice staff that takes the time to complete these tailored sessions are more productive and happier when it comes to the new veterinary software program they have to learn.

“Extraordinary client support. The group has been great. When I required extra help and preparing they were so ready to take a seat and have a meeting with me.”

Take a look at some of our client testimonials!

On-boarding with Hippo Manager is done 100% online, however, in-person onboarding can help practice with staff that has an aversion to change. They get the chance to ask questions in a private setting and put their fears at ease.

In-person on-boarding is a great way to compliment the online sessions. It’s also a great way for larger hospitals with staff in a million different directions get the attention they need to use the software more confidently, faster.

veterinary practice management software staff training smiling vet techs

Your smiling staff after they’ve gotten in-person training!

Personalized In-Person, Person to Person Training

Did we mention it’s in-person? Ha! The onboarding experience is not the only time veterinary practice staff can benefit from a more hands-on training approach. Anytime during the lifetime of a Hippo Manager subscription is a great time to get a 100% tailored and personalized approach to training staff on veterinary software.

personalized veterinary software in person training vet at computerOur Hippo Manager training experts will get to understand what it is that’s going to make your clinic more efficient and more profitable. We’ll tailor custom training sessions aimed at what your practice does and how Hippo Manager can empower you to thrive.

Now, Let’s Get Some Training Happening!

Contact our team today to schedule in-person training at your practice. Continental US only. But hey, we’re totally up for meeting your team on a beach on the Caribbean for some training. Afterall, Hippo Manager is cloud-based so training can really be done anywhere!

Call or text 877 819 0159 to talk to our training team or email them here, at your facility (or, on a Caribbean beach)

veterinary practice management software in person training dogs on beach

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