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Our Customer Support & Training Team will be covering topics that range form a general overview of using Hippo Manager, to more in-depth sessions that cover a variety of our user functions and feature rich software.  Below is a list of date and topics that will be covered.  If you’re interested for yourself, or, a member of your team, please use the sign up form below to generate an invite to one of our sessions.


  • September 17th – De-Dupe Your Dupes + Begone Bad Habits! Duplicate clients getting you down? Too many clicks to find what you need? Copying information from another source and pasting it into Hippo? There’s an easier way! Join us for this best practices webinar to save time and trouble on adding patients to existing clients, reducing your clicks, and setting up templates!
  • October 8th – Set Up Google Calendar 2-Way Sync! Keep Up with Your Appointments with the Google Calendar Two-Way Sync! When you’re not in Hippo, you can check your schedule with Google Calendar! Find out how to get your practice setup and manage the Two-Way Sync with Google seamlessly.
  • October 15th – Know Your Key Performance Indicators! Manage KPIs with Hippo’s Core Performance Trackers – Want to know how your practice performs year over year? What areas need improvement? Which providers excel? Then this webinar is for you! Learn all about Hippo Manager’s Core Performance Trackers to track your KPIs and grow your business!
  • November 5th – User Secrity! Keeping Your Data Secure with Hippo – Does everyone in your practice have their own Hippo Manager login? Have users been given the appropriate access levels based on their responsibilities? If you’re a multi-unit practice, do some employees need access to all locations and not others? If you aren’t sure, then you won’t want to miss this webinar! With unlimited users, there’s no need to share logins. Find out how to keep your data secure!
  • November 12th – The Latest Hippo Updates! What’s New with Hippo? We’re always working to keep Hippo Manager in peak performance, which means we do frequent updates and new releases. Tune into this webinar to discover the most recent information about Hippo Manager!
  • December 3rd – Running and Using End Of Day Reports! End of Day Financial Reporting – To make sure you’re optimizing your end of day financial reporting, check out this webinar that will show you exactly which reports you should run to save you precious time!
  • December 10th – Deck The Halls w/ Less Clicks and MORE! ‘Tis the Season to Get the Most Out of Hippo! How well do you know Hippo Manager? Is your Hippo Manager customized to you? Do you use the Patient screen for all your patient-centric needs? Find out how Hippo Manager can help you spend less time on your software and more time with your patients!

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If you’re having any trouble signing up using the below form for one of our sessions, just reach out to our Training team: or call 877 819 0159 ext 4 to get signed up.  Easy!
We look forward to connecting with you during one of these sessions.  The audience will be muted during the training, but the chat box will be open for questions and our presenter will be answering them at the conclusion of the session.

These training sessions are FREE and OPEN to all.

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Veterinary software free training sessions are unlimited and included in ALL subscriptions with Hippo Manager for our practice partners.  Check out this great article on Hippo Manager and our FREE & UNLIMITED training & support package

Sessions will normally be held at 2pm EST on the second and third week of each month with the dates specified.

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