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We’re serving up some spicy hot Summer topics for our June 2019 free training webinars! Summer can make you sweat but inventory management and control shouldn’t! Back by popular demand, veterinary inventory best practices and hot tips are back for the June 11th webinar. June 18th, join our Hippo Manager experts as we talk about the many integrations offered built-in as well as through third-party partnerships.

Hippo bringing inventory webinar back like JT bringing sexy back

June 2019 Free Training Webinar TOPICS

Inventory is not a four-letter word! (it is if you were thinking sexy…)

Tuesday, June 11th 2p EST – Sign Up Here.

Veterinary practice inventory management shouldn’t make you sweat. Leave that up to C+C Music Factory. I think I’m showing my age… We’ve covered this webinar before, but it’s always SO POPULAR that we’re bringing it back like JT brought sexy back. (Is that more relevant for you now?)

Don’t wanna make you sweat.. over inventory

Leave the sweating to hot Summers and cool off with our June 11th 2p EST webinar on inventory best practices. Walk away with hot tips on avoiding problems, reports that are so chill you’ll need a jacket and controlling inventory as easy as enjoying a sweet tea on the front porch.

inventory june 2019 free training webinar sweating

Leave the sweating for Summer, Inventory in Hippo is so chill.

When: Tuesday 6/11 2p EST
Where: In your Summer swimsuit by the pool – Sign up here
How: Hot tips that’ll cool you off quick for all things inventory

Integrations + Hippo Manager

*** TUESDAY JUNE 18th, 1:30pm ****** EST – Sign Up Here.

integrations webinar june 2019 free trainingTake a tour of all the built-in and third-party partner integrations that Hippo Manager offers to deliver better patient care, streamline operations and boost profits.

High-fives for all the integrations in Hippo Manager!

Just to mention a few integrations:

Did you know your veterinary practice can perform exam room checkouts? Privately check out clients in the comfort of an exam room, or anywhere with Clearent. Lower patient stress and avoid busy reception areas. A free wireless terminal comes with the Clearent integration PLUS they will meet or beat your current card processing fees. Sign up here.clearent hippo managerIDEXX labs for on-site and reference are built-in to Hippo Manager. Easily request and pull results directly into the patient record. We’ll show you how! Sign up here.

idexx lab integrated veterinary software hippo manager ipad

Idexx lab integration in Hippo Manager

Dragon Veterinary Integration

Store unlimited Bluetooth files in Hippo + Dragon

Did you know Hippo Manager supports unlimited data storage and that it includes all Bluetooth file types?!? Dictate directly into Hippo Manager using Dragon Dictation and watch chart notes and patient information appear using that ghostwriter you’ve always deserved! Sign up here.

We’ve got so many more to show you! Join us for our integrations webinar on June 18th or, check out our list online, here.

We’ve adjusted the time of this 6/18 webinar SLIGHTLY to 1:30pm EST. Please note!

june 2019 free training webinar veterinary software integrations

When: Tuesday 6/18 1:30pm EST  – SPECIAL TIME!!
Where: Online – Sign up here
How: Integrate, don’t assimilate! (Star Trek joke)

About Hippo Manager Veterinary Software

We love what we do.

We EMPOWER veterinary professionals around the world to THRIVE.

Hippo Manager is the largest independently owned cloud-based veterinary practice management software in the United States.  Aimed at providing practice management solutions that drive profits and make the software a seamless part of an efficient practice. We’re focused on patient care and Hippo Manager always offers a no-obligation free trial.

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