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Lock in Veterinary Software for $60 – before it’s too late!

Lock in our Veterinary Software, Hippo Manager, for only $60 per month per vet, but ONLY until June 30th, 2017!  It’s your last chance to secure Hippo Manager, our highly rated veterinary practice management software for only $60.  You CAN lock in $60 per month for up to TWENTY (20) YEARS!  That’s right!  Even if we continue to raise our prices, your veterinary practice can stick to $60 per month per vet.

**Please Note: our new pricing has taken effect, we are STILL the most affordable solution on the market at $80 per month, per vet.**

***The price increase does NOT affect current clients of Hippo Manager, or, practices that become clients BEFORE July 1, 2017.***

lock in low rate veterinary software

Why is it a good time to lock in veterinary software for $60 before July 1st, the price isn’t changing by that much and is STILL so affordable!?!

Even if you decide to only choose a 3 year contract with Hippo Manager, during your renewal period, we CANNOT and WILL NOT raise your monthly subscription fee by more than 10%.

Yes, you did that math right.  Quick!  Request a FREE TRIAL here, now so you can jump on this deal!

If you’re quick to catch this deal, you could pay only $60 for your first three years (for example) and then, only $66 for the next contract period you choose up to twenty more years!  Locking in practice management software for vets at $60 for years and years while inflation and other economic changes occur that drive up prices elsewhere is a SMART, EFFICIENT and PROFIT driving move for your veterinary practice.

Locking in $60 subscription with Hippo Manager NOW, will improve your profit margins year after year.

Hippo Manager will be changing our prices to reflect the competitive marketplace, but will STILL remain the most fully featured AND most AFFORDABLE veterinary software.  As of July 1, 2017, Hippo Manager will begin subscription of $80 per month per vet.  No other hidden charges, no additional costs, not complicated pricing structure, still unlimited features like customer service and support, patients, data storage and users for only $80 per month per vet.

Lock in veterinary software for $60

Lock in veterinary software for only $60 per month per vet NOW.  Request a FREE TRIAL or tour of our software NOW to make sure your veterinary practice can lock in Hippo Manager veterinary software for only $60!  $6o per month per full time vet includes all our features, unlimited customer service and support, patients, data storage, all users and no hidden fees.  No up-charges, no extra costs.  Just great cloud-based veterinary software from Hippo Manager and access to our growing practice management solution.

REQUEST $60 per month NOW.  Click here.  Got questions?  Call us 877-819-0159 ext 1 and talk to a sales representative.  No hidden fees and no up-charges, just sign before July 1, 2017!

Always free and INSTANT upgrades with our cloud based veterinary software.  Continue to get access to MORE features and MORE upgrades and MORE exclusive discounts and deals with our veterinary partners for only $60 per month per vet.  Get that price up until June 30th, 2017.



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