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Cloud Veterinary Practice Management that’s MADE FOR MOBILE.

High volume field visits, specialty barn appointments or house-call small animal needs, Hippo Manager offers mobile veterinary software for your on-the-go veterinary practice!

Anywhere, Anytime, Safe & Secure. One price per month, per vet.

Get your free trial, below.

Suited for Specialty

Equine, large volume farm animals, TCM, house-call, whatever your mobile speciality is, Hippo Manager can be customized to suit your needs.

Unlimited Patients

Don’t get penalized for high-volume field visits. One patient or, thousands, they’re always unlimited including data storage, users and support.

Go Anywhere

Cloud veterinary software enables you to access patient records, charting, complete billing and more, all in the field, out in the farm, on house calls, wherever your practice takes you!

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PROCESS PAYMENT IN THE FIELD!mobile veterinary payment processing

Process payments anywhere and receive a FREE credit card terminal from Clearent, get yours today!  Click to learn more!


Agile and ready for access anywhere in the world, check out this handy post when choosing a practice partner: 

veterinary software for mobile vets

 Mobile veterinary checklist for your practice! That’s Hippo Manager veterinary practice management software and that’s why we’re the perfect partner for your mobile practice.  Utilize existing equipment, work from wi-fi using a hot-spot or, direct connection.  Seamlessly perform your veterinary procedures in the field, with your office on your tablet.

We’re proud of the product we make for the veterinary industry serving mobile vets around the globe.  Find out why we’re a perfect fit for on-the-go veterinarians and their practice needs, today.