new icons alert functions and improved search

New Icons, Alert Functions, and Improved Search!

Hippo Manager has new icons, alert functions, and improved search capabilities available immediately to all partner practices via our cloud platform veterinary software.  Hippo Manager is focused on a veterinary practice partnership that constantly looks to improve efficiencies at each of our partner practices, saving valuable staff time and improving usability.  Our cloud veterinary software is easy to use, beautiful and our most recent feature additions and upgrades certainly highlight that!

How we’ve REDUCED CLICKS – let’s take a look:

new icons alert functions and improved search

We’ve had a small facelift to the Choose Action screens for all users in our cloud veterinary software.  Three icons have been updated: Add Patient, Patient List & Client Info!

new icons hippo manager

Alert functions have had an addition and are more easily accessible by allowing the widget icons for Patient Alert and Allergy to be visible in the top right hand area of Hippo Manager or, the “Patient Reserve” section.  If alerts or allergies are present, the icons appear RED, if there are no alerts or allergies present, the icons appear grey-ed out.  Click on the smaller widget icons in the patient reserve area in ANY SCREEN to add/remove/change alerts and allergies for that patient.

patient alerts veterinary software

No alert or allergies present

BOTH patient alert and allergies present

ONLY patient allergies present

ONLY patient alerts present

Patient identifiers have also improved with a software update.  A patient status is visible inside the patient list, patient search and search history tables.  Quickly identifying if a patient is deceased with a solid color circle.

deceased patient identifier

Indicating patient “Ace” is deceased, Barry is NOT.

patient identifiers

Patient and Client IDs have been added to the top right of the Hippo Manager program for quick reference when needing unique identifiers for support calls regarding individual clients and patients. Unique numerical identifiers or patient IDs help quickly associate individual pets for each client owner, as well as greatly helpful for high-volume spay neuter clinics, or large volume field patient visits where client names aren’t as important as unique identifiers to allow for consistency in patient care.

improved patient identifiers

Search capabilities have improved allowing users to quickly identify the need to refine a search that returns too many results or is too broad.  If a search returns more than 100 results, the bar will appear red with an alert prompting the user to refine the search terms.  Less than 100 results, the user can use the scroll bar to the right to quickly scroll through all search results.

improved search capabilities

Red search bar + alert indicating search TOO BROAD.

improved search capabilitiesIf you have any questions about the functionality improvements, usability or, updates to Hippo Manager, please contact our support team:

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