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december 2019 free training webinars veterinary software

December 2019 Free Training Webinars

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We’ve got presents to unwrap for our December 2019 free training webinars! Hippo Manager releases more than 100 feature updates, new requests and improvements throughout the year, so let’s make sure you’ve unwrapped them all and getting MORE out of…
veterinary practice time off

How to Prepare Your Veterinary Practice for Time Off

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When it comes to knowing how to prepare your veterinary practice time off, it’s really all about client communications. Funny, that because, repeat business, better patient care, and client base growth is all directly related to client communications.  So, how…
New York Vet Veterinary Conference Hippos

New York Vet Veterinary Conference 2019

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Enter to win a YETI cooler from Hippo Manager at this year’s New York Vet veterinary conference. Enter to win at booth 631 November 7-8 or online today. Double your chances of winning by entering online and in person! The…
completing veterinary client callbacks dog on phone

Completing Veterinary Client Callbacks

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Complete veterinary client callbacks using a simple report in Hippo Manager, it’s built-in and an easy way to boost business! Because, who doesn’t want to improve appointment compliance, boost client retention and make more from repeat business? Client callbacks are…
gorgeous graphical reports veterinary practice graph reports

Gorgeous Graphical Reports

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Get a concise and clear understanding of vital business functions using graphical reports in Hippo Manager. These, if we do say so ourselves, gorgeous graphical reports, produce a colorful layout.  Perhaps most importantly the reports produce an easy to understand…

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