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paper lite veterinary software vet and cat

Switching to Paper Lite Veterinary Software

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Paper lite veterinary software has so many advantages to patient care and the growing success of your clinic. Switching to veterinary software that can help you reduce paper and become “paper-lite” saves time and cuts unnecessary costs! So, what are…
fetch kansas city veterinary trade show

Fetch 2019 Kansas City Veterinary Trade Show

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Enter to win a YETI cooler from Hippo Manager at this year’s 2019 Fetch Kansas City veterinary trade show and conference. Enter to win at booth 334 August 23-26 or online today. Double your chances of winning by entering online…
august 2019 free training webinars hippo manager

August 2019 Free Training Webinars

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Just in time for back to school, we’ve got some learnin’ for you in our upcoming August 2019 free training webinars. Grab your favorite No.2 pencils and some fresh non-toxic markers because we’ve got some great webinars that’ll have your…
AVMA 2019 trade show veterinary conference

2019 AVMA Veterinary Conference – Meet Hippo!

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Stop by booth 6035 at the 2019 AVMA Veterinary Conference in Washington D.C.  You’ll have a chance to demo AWESOME veterinary software and enter to win a YETI cooler!  Enter to win at booth 6035 August 3-7 or online today.…
veterinary telemedicine dog in cone

Using Built-In Tools For Veterinary Telemedicine

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Looking to begin veterinary telemedicine as part of patient care at your veterinary practice? It’s possible to start today with the built-in tools that exist in Hippo Manager’s veterinary software. Get better work-life balance and incorporate elements without going all-in…
choosing a veterinary pims kittens

Choosing a Veterinary PiMS: The 8 Most Important Factors

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With a number of options both cloud-based and server available to veterinarians, choosing the right veterinary PiMS can feel cluttered. The right veterinary PiMS for your practice should comprehensively cover two fundamentals: patient care and business management. The perfect balance…

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