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Paperless Patient Checkout – anywhere, anytime.

It’s EASY to go paperless with patient checkout and we’ll show you how!  Hippo Manager is conducting a FREE online webinar Thursday June 28th at 1pm EST for veterinary practices in the United States interested in learning how to speed up patient checkout, reduce staff labor costs and time and drive profits  – in just a few EASY STEPS!

how to checkout patients faster webinarCan’t make the free webinar?

No problem!

Fill out your information below and we’ll send the downloadable guide directly to your email.  We’ll also make a recording of the webinar available to all registrants once the session is over.


How to checkout patients faster

Switch to paperless patient checkout of course!  It’s easy to do in just a few steps inside Hippo Manager.  Our veterinary software is optimized for customization and reduction in time.

Deliver excellent customer service alongside great patient care w/ anywhere checkouts!

Paperless checkouts means that your practice can perform IN EXAM ROOM checkouts, IN FIELD checkouts, patient and client checkouts from anywhere, anytime.  This really enhances the customer interaction with your veterinary practice and your staff.  Making the checkout experience smoother, seamless and an organic part of delivering excellent customer service alongside top-notch patient care.

Attend the FREE online webinar to learn how, or, fill out the information to get your free downloadable guide delivered to your inbox.

paperless patient checkout free webinar

Faster, Paperless Patient Checkout

  1. Be sure that your client and patient profile is filled out with a correct email address
  2. Enable the online patient portal for that client (this allows them to view invoices, vaccinations and billing and save them to their own computer, or, print at home) – saving your practice that time and $$$.
  3. Easily create an estimate, invoice or receipt and generate that electronically – NO PAPER – SO QUICK! See how in Hippo Manager, here.
  4. Combine with integrated payment solutions and produce payment immediately from anywhere with 11pmEST cut off for transactions.  Learn about Clearent partner, here.
  5. Attend the FREE webinar June 28th at 1p EST to gain access to the steps and begin faster, paperless patient checkouts SAME DAY!

Join the FREE webinar, or, grab the FREE downloadable guide!

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