Hippo Manager has upgraded the medications widget making it a perfect fit for those looking for a pharmacy veterinary software and veterinary practices looking for paperless medication dispensation. Watch the video, below and download the quick start guide, here.

Pharmacy Veterinary Software For all Size Veterinary Practices

new medications widget hippo managerRefill, dispense and update medications and prescriptions from the home screen medications widget, sales register and charting areas within Hippo Manager.  Easily un-sign and sign medications and log all medication change with the new medications log.

Electronically sign medications allowing practices to be TOTALLY PAPERLESS with the exception of the label!

Easily edit the number of refills, quantity, add medication description to the label and more with the upgraded medications widget.

Use NEW screen buttons that allow editing of a current medication, assignment of the medication to an existing or new invoice and signing of the prescription.

Medications Log – Log ALL Medication + Prescription Activity in Real-Time

Medications LogThe medications log will document all prescription changes, users that sign and un-sign prescriptions and changes to refills and quantities or dispensing instructions.

This medications log is a great way to immediately control medications and visualize the history of a patient and their associated prescriptions.


Access Hippo Manager for FREE with a no obligations trial or demo today.  Contact us 877 819 0159 or email us

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