Chart Templates Simplified Video: How-To

Learn how to streamline the charting and check-out processes in Hippo Manager Veterinary Software using the Chart Templates Simplified Video. Let us walk you through how quick and easy it can be to create new folders and fill them with all the templates you may need. Cloud veterinary software makes charting straightforward and effortless.

Our customer service and support team is constantly updating our video archives to provide comprehensive exposure to utilizing the many easy-to-use and customizable features of Hippo Manager.  Click below to view the full catalogue of Hippo Manager videos.

Request a custom training session or, contact our support team for further assistance on getting the most out of our cloud practice management software!

large animal veterinary software video (1)

Large Animal Veterinary Software Video

managing medications video

Managing Medications Video

generate callback list video

Callback List Video

how to sign and unsign veterinary charts video

Sign and UnSign Veterinary Charts

adding quick links video

Adding Quick Links Video

ipad and tablet mobility video

iPad & Tablet Mobility

Customizing The User Experience How To

Customizing the User Experience Video

Small Animal Veterinary Software Video

Introduction to Hippo Manager

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