Multi Location Support Veterinary Software: Video

Multi-location support veterinary software is how Hippo Manager was designed.  Suited to the needs of a mobile vet, a specialty vet, a large practice or multi-location veterinary practice clinic or hospital, our veterinary software can easily coordinate and communicate between locations keeping records consistent, separate, yet, intuitive and communicative. Hippo Manager provides a variety of informational and educational videos on using Hippo Manager as Veterinary Practice Management Software for self-guided and self-paced learning, suitable for clients with any background level of computer and technology experience.

Multi-location support veterinary software that offers FREE and unlimited training IS Hippo Manager!  Contact our training team for your specialized one-on-one team training customized to your multi-location veterinary practice or hospital. Click here to get multi-location support anytime Mon-Sat 8a-8p EST.

MORE Hippo Manager Videos:

Introduction to Hippo Manager

Customizing The User Experience How To

Customizing the User Experience Video

idexx lab integration video still

IDEXX Lab Integration in Hippo Manager

appointment compliance video

Appointment Compliance Video

managing medications video

Managing Medications Video

large animal veterinary software video (1)

Large Animal Veterinary Software Video

Chart Templates Simplified How To

Chart Templates Simplified Video


Small Animal Veterinary Software Video

adding quick links video

Adding Quick Links Video


Feature rich software, I'd like to see more!

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