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Hippo Manager Veterinary Software Pricing.

Just like our software, our pricing is SIMPLE AND EASY: One Price per full-time veterinarian per month…that’s it.

Our cloud-based veterinary practice software is a great fit for mobile clinics, specialty clinics, large multi-doctor hospitals, multi-location facilities, and small or large animal practices.


Hippo Manager prices are based on the number of full-time vets not patients, data storage or anything else. Enjoy unlimited features and so much more for one price per month per vet.



Never any hidden fees, surprise costs or unexpected rate hikes, just one low price, per vet, per month. No automatic overages or hidden fees for services, without your knowledge.



Sign for a multi-year contract! Your low monthly rate is locked in for the lifetime of your contract. Re-sign during contract renewal and your monthly price won’t exceed more than 10%!

Free Trial
$0one month
  • Free & unlimited users
  • Free & unlimited patients
  • Free & unlimited data storage
  • Free & unlimited tech support
  • Free & unlimited training
  • Unlimited use of Hippo Manager
Non-Profit Program
$99per month per vet
  • Free & unlimited users
  • Free & unlimited patients
  • Free & unlimited data storage
  • Free & unlimited tech support
  • Free & unlimited training
  • Free Trial
Per VetVolume Pricing Available
  • Unlimited staff
  • Unlimited patients
  • Unlimited data storage
  • Unlimited tech support
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited locations

Any way you look at Hippo Manager, our pricing is still one price per month, per vet.

We don’t charge for temporary relief vets, vacation vets or regular staff additions and changes.  Have part-time vets?  Talk to your client executive about special pricing.  Our FREE trial gives your practice and staff access to the SAME features as our clients, so you can really get to know us and our beautifully equipped PiMS.  Take advantage of our free and unlimited training and support, data storage, customization and fully featured pre-loaded features such as lab integrations, chart templates, medications and more.

Our Referral Program at Hippo Manager allows your veterinary practice to receive our management software for FREE.  Find out more here.

A La Carte Services & Pricing

In-Person Training (optional)
$1750one time (continental US only)
  • Full Day On-site Training
  • Open Q&A Session
  • Dedicated Hippo Expert
  • Customized Onboarding
  • Full Litmos Access
  • Personalized Materials
  • Hands-On Learning
Data Migration (optional)
$1750Per Location*
  • *Discounted for additional locations
  • All Data Pulls
  • Dedicated Migration Manager
  • Pain-Free Plan
  • Third-Party Integration
  • Security
  • Data Coaching


Natively integrated with IDEXX labs, our list of lab and third-party integrations are part of a constantly expanding suite of cloud API integrations and partnerships



Hippo Manager is built from the ground up designed to adapt to any size veterinary practice, clinic or hospital. Non-profit, multi-location, enterprise, mobile or holistic, the software is adaptable as your patient care!



$119 per month per vet includes all built-in features on an unlimited basis with no hidden fees or surprise billing. Support, training, users, data storage, patients and more all unlimited.

How it works

$119 per vet per month.  The price only increases if a practice adds a full time vet, never additional fees for locations, users or, number of patients. 4 staff and 1 full time vet? Still $119 per month.  It really is that simple.

Hippo Manager offers enterprise pricing.  ">Contact us directly to learn more.

Our pricing guarantee

Contracts are for one year minimum with multi-year contracts available.  The longer your contract, the longer you lock in your low monthly rate.

Should Hippo Manager’s prices ever change, your particular monthly price never changes for the lifetime of your contract.  When you renew your contract, your monthly price will never increase by more than 10% at your next contract signing (renewal period) and will stay effective for that next contract period.

Adjustments to monthly fees only happen when an equivalent full-time vet is added to the practice.

Hippo Manager only ever charges per vet, per month.

Conversions & Data Migration

Switching practices?  Built up thousands of files on an old server based practice management system that you want to move over to Hippo Manager?  No problem!  The $1,750* one-time conversion fee is still the lowest conversion price on the marketplace and we will bring all your current data, over to Hippo Manager.

Got more questions about converting your current data to Hippo Manager?  Click, here.

FREE trial

Every practice is eligible for our always FREE trial – request yours here.  Compare Hippo Manager side-by-side to your current provider and take advantage of free and unlimited tech support to answer any questions you might have before coming on board (don’t worry, free and unlimited tech support is also part of our monthly price so, it never ends when you’re a client). Think of it as your first month free, NO payment information is taken, NO deposit, NO fees.  It is truly free.  We want you to use Hippo Manager as if it was your new software, should you choose Hippo Manager as your software partner, we can make any changes and customizations you made during your free trial, live so no data is lost – or you can start from scratch -up to you!

Hippo Manager comes pre-loaded with hundreds of templates and reports, forms, medications, inventory settings and more!  Use our ever-growing list, or, make your own!

Don’t love Hippo Manager?  You’ve incurred no charges and your free trial will simply become inactive.  Try us out for free today.


It really is that simple.

veterinary software pricing

WOW! Simple Veterinary Software w/ Straightforward Pricing!