Hippo Manager is simple and easy-to-use software that we’ve made intuitive, designed with your practice in mind. However, we know learning any new software can be a challenge and we’re here to help!  No matter if you’re new to Hippo Manager, or, if you just need a refresher, we can walk you through using our online conferencing system, just like we’re right there beside you.

Training Options for Practices of All Kinds

Read below to find out what kind of training option is right for your practice.

Learn at your own pace


Regular Monthly Training

Twice per month, we offer 30-minute live webinar tutorials to teach your teams about new features and best practices.


Online Training Video Library

Our online learning platform provides you with 24/7, on-demand access to our entire training library. Our on-demand platform houses over 100 courses on topics ranging from enabling integrations to reporting best practices.

Get Personalized Training


Custom Training Online

Our trainers can help your team address a specific problem or workflow need. Meet with us one-on-one to ensure you’re using all that Hippo Manager offers and your software is set up how you want.

Custom Training

Custom training sessions can either be online or in person.

If your answer is “yes” to any of the questions below, request custom training and we’ll set up a custom training session* that suits your schedule, to help you get the most out of our beautiful software.

  • Need assistance on a particular function of Hippo Manager?
  • Does someone on your team or, your whole clinic need several training sessions that cover multiple topics?
  • Did you add new staff and they need to be caught up-to-speed?
  • Have you been using Hippo Manager for some time, but, want to learn more of the custom functions?
*Please note that our online training sessions are limited to 60-minute blocks, once per day.


* Online training sessions are limited to 60 minute blocks, once per day.

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