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The Most ROBUST Veterinary Software Features

Show-stopping veterinary software features that set Hippo Manager apart from the crowd. Future-proof functionality and built for the agility of every veterinary professional and for exceptional patient care.


Hippo Manager is designed to scale with your veterinary business. 10 or 1,000,000,000 patients we never have limits and offer unlimited and secure features with SSL encryption.

Unlimited Training

Unlimited one-on-one training sessions. Regular free training is offered. Never worry about getting new staff up to speed! Dedicated Hippo Manager experts are on stand by to provide up-to-date training at your convenience.

Lab Integration

Natively integrated with IDEXX, access both reference and on-site labs and pull requisitions and results directly into the patient record.

Appointment Scheduler

Manage all of your practice’s appointments. Add resources, customize views, use color schemes, export data for reminder calls or post cards, and much more.


Data Migrations

Manage all of your practice’s appointments. Add resources, customize views, use color schemes, export data for reminder calls or post cards, and much more.



Streamline internal communications by tracking the status of all patients checked in at your clinic. See their status, location, and necessary treatments all with one quick glance.

Point of Sale

Point of sale system which facilitates all types of transaction entries. Invoicing, coupons, gift cards, discounts, inventory, email receipts, toggle between estimates and much more. Integrated with Clearent – best in class payment processing.


Built-In Reports

Awesome reports that run in seconds. Analyze practice performance, important metrics, and industry KPIs.



Run your veterinary practice out in the field, in the office, anywhere in the world with secure cloud technology and an internet connection.

Simple to Learn

Out of the box, Hippo Manager is ready to go. Hit the ground running with unlimited online training, get special attention when you need it. Customize your settings to get to what you do, faster.


Unlimited Support

Client communications, mailers, e-newsletters and notification solutions for better client management.


Treatment Sheets

Simply shift changes with automated travel sheets that track patient care and progress through your hospital. No more missed treatments or charges, and no more losing handwritten notes!

Patient Portal

Veterinary clients can access owner records and patient health records online. Your practice controls access! Clients can view invoices, print certificates at home and view appointments. Online, FREE & included.

Client Communications

Seamlessly send appointment reminders, e-statements, SMS notifications and more, directly to your clients and patients.

Inventory Control

Maintain stock levels, accurately track margins and easily add or remove quantities or items providing all the tools that your practices needs to manage its inventory.


Hippo Manager was designed to be simple for users of all technology levels and experience, software customized to fit your level of comfort with unlimited free support.


Built-In DICOM Viewer

Hippo Manager was designed to be simple for users of all technology levels and experience, software customized to fit your level of comfort with unlimited free support.

Veterinary Software Features that GO TO WORK

veterinary practice performance KPI report male vet with cat

Demo Hippo Manager

Veterinary Hospital + Enterprise Solutions

Practice management software features for large veterinary enterprises. Perfect for multi-unit facilities that need total inventory control and central oversight, while maintaining some separate functions. Secure user control and consistency set Hippo Manager apart.
Talk to an Enterprise Hippo Manager Expert today.

Save up to 1 hr staff time p/day + $10,000K p/year

Integrated veterinary software features such as Clearent payment processing cut down on staff errors and wasted time. Process payment in the exam room, make checkouts more comfortable for the patients and clients.
Learn more about our SECURE built-in payment processing!

Features to suit ANY SIZE, ANY SPECIALTY Practice



Built to allow for large volumes of patients and high volume staff touches with fewer clicks. Saves large locations hours of valuable staff time with automated tasks.



Compounding pharmaceuticals and items kits let TCM vets treat patients and chart with templates designed for TCM care.



Practice management software features that are so customizable for the most adaptable patient care.


Use built-in chart templates to customize care for both large and small animal chiropractic patients.



The LARGEST list of animal species and breed. If our features are missing any, request them and we’ll add them!



Easy control and inventory management between multiple locations.



Exam room checkouts with integrated payment processing reduces patient anxiety and streamlines office visits.



All the features and special discounted pricing offered for high-volume spay neuter clinics, shelters and humane societies.



Totally customizable features that enable optimization for any specialty clinic. Use chart templates to standardize treatment and reduce missed charges.


Practice management software features that are ready for any emergency situation in the office or anywhere the patient needs emergency care.



See patients anywhere. Process payment in the field, email invoices, and receipts. Use any device, anytime from a cell phone hotspot or wi-fi connection.



Use popular Hippo Manager features in the field like chart templates and item kits to see hundreds of patients at once.



Built-in whiteboard streamlines operations and makes patient charting and visiting efficient for large hospitals.



Practices that see a wide variety of animals enjoy features that are as customizable as the care.


Equine care and billing are simplified using Hippo Manager. Accept payment from anywhere with Clearent payment processing.

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UNLIMITED Cloud-Based Veterinary Software Features

Included with every subscription, unlimited and free.



Intuitive, easy to navigate and low on clicks. Get to what you do most, faster. Veterinary software that’s built for all type hospital functions! Because we know software and you know animals.



Move years of server-based or cloud veterinary PiMS to Hippo Manager. We have a dedicated team ready to assist your hospital and a proven track record of success.



The largest independently-owned cloud provider on the market. Best-in-class practice management software, robust stable solutions and dedicated veterinary professionals are at the core of Hippo Manager.

AMPLIFY Veterinary Practice Software Features with INTEGRATIONS that ACCELERATE growth & operations

idexx lab integration

Out-of-the-box veterinary software integration with outside/reference lab and onsite equipment with IDEXX directly through Hippo Manager.

scratchpay logo hippo manager
Integrated and bundled with Hippo Manager, clients can get care for their pets now and pay later. Scratchpay provides pet parents with simple transparent payment plans.
clearent payment processing veterinary software integration

Next-day funds, exam room checkouts and process payment from anywhere, anytime wirelessly. Receive a FREE EMV terminal exclusively through Hippo Manager integration.


Send text messages and SMS messages to clients about appointments and general communications. Text using your Chrome browser, with one click inside Hippo Manager.

vetsource veterinary software integration

Home Delivery pharmacy provider, sourcing quality medications, over-the-counter health care products and pet foods directly from the manufacturers and ship them right to practice partner’s front doors.

google calendar veterinary software integration

Add, remove and update appointments directly from your phone calendar with Hippo Manager and Google Calendar 2-way sync. Hippo Manager is an exclusive provider for this feature.

antech labs veterinary software integration

Direct integration with Antech Labs and Diagnostics. Easy requisition form generation and electronic form submission directly from the patient file in Hippo Manager

stripe logo

Provided to Canadian veterinary practice partners exclusively as a secure, efficient payment option to keeps card processing simplified and seamless.

petdesk logo hippo manager veterinary software integrations

Reduce no-shows, lower call volume and book more appointments through Pet Desk. Clients can receive pet pick up notifications, reminders and alerts for availability and pet care communications.


Beautiful, custom websites made to drive traffic and increase client base, plus full SEO services. Receive an exclusive partnership discount through Hippo Manager.

vets first choice logo hippo manager veterinary software integrations

Online prescribing and integrated pharmacy services, Vets First Choice provides valuable analytics and patient insights via their online integration.

vetdata veterinary software integration

Bring over your veterinary data from a previous veterinary software provider using VetData marketplace solutions. Leave cloud or, server-based PiMS and move into Hippo Manager.

dragon veterinary software integration

Tools and services that support best medical practices, enabling veterinarians to respond to the health needs of their clients at the point of care while operating economical and profitable practices.

DRE provides new and used medical equipment to veterinary hospitals, clinics, university programs, and a host of other animal specialists. Qualifying orders can receive practice management cloud software for FREE.

vitus vet logo hippo manager integrations

Strengthen client relationships with 2-way text and photo sharing. Capture revenue with intelligent digital reminders and confirmations that boost appointments and refill compliance while reducing postcard expenses. 30-day free trial.

heel app hippo manager integration

Available through the VetData marketplace, Heel! was created out of the need to help pet parents remember their pet’s medications and the current doses. Their App and Web Portal keep the patient and veterinarian in constant communication regarding their pet’s medications.

quickbooks veterinary software integration

Hippo Manager is Quickbooks friendly, allowing easy export of custom reports and business features providing compatibility with the popular accounting application.

vetstreet veterinary software integration

Your pet. Your vet. Connecting pet lovers to their favorite products, services and amazing vets.

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