Our list of Veterinary Software Integrations is the largest and MOST ROBUST on the marketplace.


The Most Robust Built-In + Third Party API Integrations for the Vet Marketplace

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NEW: Seamlessly connect Hippo Manager and ALLYDVM to improve client retention, client compliance, and deliver better outcomes for your patients and better financial outcomes for your practice

VCP provides the best-in-class, industry-leading wellness plan design and management solution, all within your practice management software. You can provide pet owners with dependable care, based on your preventive care protocols with a monthly payment they can afford, all in a customizable membership-style program.

idexx lab integration

Out-of-the-box veterinary software integration with outside/reference lab and onsite equipment with IDEXX directly through Hippo Manager.

scratchpay logo hippo manager
Integrated and bundled with Hippo Manager, clients can get care for their pets now and pay later. Scratchpay provides pet parents with simple transparent payment plans.
clearent payment processing veterinary software integration

Next-day funds, exam room checkouts and process payment from anywhere, anytime wirelessly. Receive a FREE EMV terminal exclusively through Hippo Manager integration.


Send text messages and SMS messages to clients about appointments and general communications. Text using your Chrome browser, with one click inside Hippo Manager.

vetsource veterinary software integration

Home Delivery pharmacy provider, sourcing quality medications, over-the-counter health care products and pet foods directly from the manufacturers and ship them right to practice partner’s front doors.

google calendar veterinary software integration

Add, remove and update appointments directly from your phone calendar with Hippo Manager and Google Calendar 2-way sync. Hippo Manager is an exclusive provider for this feature.

antech labs veterinary software integration

Directly integrated with Hippo Manager veterinary practices can generate a form requisition from the patient file and electronically submit requests. The lab results can be viewed in the online patient portal (with approval) and unlimited file storage for Hippo Manager clients.

stripe logo

Provided to Canadian veterinary practice partners exclusively as a secure, efficient payment option to keeps card processing simplified and seamless.

petdesk logo hippo manager veterinary software integrations

Reduce no-shows, lower call volume and book more appointments through Pet Desk. Clients can receive pet pick up notifications, reminders and alerts for availability and pet care communications.


Beautiful, custom websites made to drive traffic and increase client base, plus full SEO services. Receive an exclusive partnership discount through Hippo Manager.

vets first choice logo hippo manager veterinary software integrations

Online prescribing and integrated pharmacy services, Vets First Choice provides valuable analytics and patient insights via their online integration.

vetdata veterinary software integration

Bring over your veterinary data from a previous veterinary software provider using VetData marketplace solutions. Leave cloud or, server-based PiMS and move into Hippo Manager.

dragon veterinary software integration

Tools and services that support best medical practices, enabling veterinarians to respond to the health needs of their clients at the point of care while operating economical and profitable practices.

DRE provides new and used medical equipment to veterinary hospitals, clinics, university programs, and a host of other animal specialists. Qualifying orders can receive practice management cloud software for FREE.

Maximize your time with Talkatoo dictation software. Reduce time spent on documentation and email communication without compromising quality or personalization. This voice-to-text software recognizes veterinary specific vocabulary and integrates with Hippo Manager. 7-day free trial.


Televet is a simplified telemedicine service that fits in with your existing workflow. TeleVet provides VCPR-compliant remote care through text, call, or video chat.  You can receive and schedule virtual consultations and book follow-up appointments. Through this integration, you can access your client information from within Televet, making it easy to invite pet owners to telehealth appointments.

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Hippo Manager PMS wireless devices

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Not everyone in the veterinary software field shares our view. You’ve worked hard for that information and it’s ALWAYS YOURS, even when you switch to Hippo Manager and similarly if you choose to leave.


The largest independently-owned cloud provider on the market. Best-in-class practice management software, robust stable solutions and dedicated veterinary professionals are at the core of Hippo Manager.



Move years of server-based or cloud veterinary PiMS to Hippo Manager. We have a dedicated team ready to assist your hospital and a proven track record of success.

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Our dedicated team of professional trainers will prepare your veterinary staff for the switch to Hippo Manager. All online training is included and free and always, unlimited with every subscription.



Future-proof practice management software. Built for the changing veterinary industry, patient care and the needs of traditional alongside telemedicine.


Never miss another family function. Chart from anywhere, communicate with clients from any device. Update your appointments, see the day ahead and prep patient records all before finishing your morning coffee!

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