ALLYDVM Integration with Hippo Manager

We are a perfect match for veterinarians. Seamlessly connect Hippo Manager and ALLYDVM to improve client retention, client compliance, and deliver better outcomes for your patients and better financial outcomes for your practice.

We’ll Help Make Setup Seamless

The team at Hippo Manager will guide you on the seamless and fast connection to ALLYDVM to save time, improve your client communications and improve your client scheduling retention rate. First, you will complete a demo with ALLYDVM and get signed up. Next, Hippo Manager will connect your practice data with ALLYDVM so that your information is securely integrated and available in real time. Then you are ready to get started using all the great features together!

Hippo Manager and ALLYDVM’s integration pairs the most powerful and customizable client engagement platform with the most powerful and customizable practice management software


Retention Calendar


Loyalty Program


Mobile App




Client Communications

Including robust email and two-way texting