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Using the NEW Medications Widget in Hippo Manager is a fast, seamless, more efficient and highly intuitive process.

new medications widget hippo manager
We’re always hard at work updating important features and upgrading our veterinary software to provide our partner practices with a platform that enhances patient care and puts MORE MONEY back in your pocket!



The medications widget has been massively updated to allow for easier refilling, adding and dispensing medications from the sales register and allowing the most adaptive features on the veterinary software marketplace.



The New Medications Widget will is LIVE in Hippo Manager and available to all partner practices.

  • Launch training sessions are now CLOSED.  TO schedule a custom one-on-one training session, email our team here.
  • Download the Medications Widget PDF Quick Start Guide (available in the form, below)
  • Review our informative video 
  • Complete self-paced learning with our online learning University, Litmos.  (free, unlimited and included for every user)
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The Medications Widget.

The “pop over” screen enables total functionality.  Added buttons to print, sign, un-sign and perform MORE with the medications widget.

Electronically Sign Medications!

With so many great features included in the medications widget update, electronically signing prescriptions allows for veterinary practices to go PAPERLESS! With the exception of printing a label, electronically sign and un-sign medications with controlled log documentation.

Easily Refill From Multiple Screens

Refill a medication or, dispense from the sales register, charting screen and medications widget. Edit an existing prescribed medication from any of the medications locations.


New Medications Log Tracks All Changes

The medications log tracks ALL changes made to the patient medication. Sign and un-sign medications, update quantities and refill. All visible on the new medications log section.


Add to Existing Invoice or NEW Invoice

You have greater control over how you bill refilled medications and new prescriptions. Easily toggle between existing or new invoices to provide greater billing and payment clarity with prescribed medications.

Veterinary hospital management software that manages medications, reduces missed billing and handles scheduling seamlessly

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