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Introducing the Patient Portal

The online patient portal makes it easier than ever for you to share information with clients, and it’s included with all subscriptions! The Practice Manager or, Practice POC can easily activate the patient portal inside Hippo Manager under “administration” or, contact our support team to get started. Obtain a practice custom URL that your patients can login to and view securely from any browser in any part of the world.

YOU control the access, give access to some of your clients, all your clients or, none of your clients!

Try it out at your veterinary practice, see for yourself why Hippo Manager is chosen by hundreds of veterinarians world-wide. Activate your no obligations Free Trial today and tour the online patient portal!


Want to know all the ways the Patient Portal streamlines your practice? See for yourself!



Frequently asked questions about the patient portal + all the answers! View the PDF!

Free Trial

Try the patient portal and all our other features for free, today! start now.


Overview Video

Need to know more about the patient portal? Scroll down!

Activate the Patient Portal today!

  • Quick and easy to activate
  • Choose what clients are able to use it
  • Free with all subscriptions
  • Update records for easy viewing
  • Stay connected with your clients
  • Clients can print vaccination and health records

Practice Printable Flyer

View an example informational flyer that can be customized for your practice and shared with your clients!

hippo manager veterinary software Patient Portal

Walk Through

Take a short demo of the client portal here!

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