Veterinary Software Whiteboard

Whiteboard tracks the status of each patient checked in the clinic, streamlining communication internally

With a quick glance, you and your team will know the status, location and treatments needed for each checked-in patient. This robust feature is included in your monthly subscription price of $119 per month, per full time veterinarian.

Veterinary Software Receptionist on Phone

You can focus on patient care. Streamline operations and improve the business of practice management with Whiteboard.

Veterinary Software Whiteboard

Save Time with Whiteboard

Whiteboard replaces your large dry erase board and paper travel sheets to give you one-click access to the scheduler, treatment sheets, chart notes, inventory and more so you can spend more time with patients.  With one glance, you know who’s checked in, what treatments they need and more – saving staff time and improving your internal communication.

This powerful tool is customizable to meet your practice needs. It ensures treatments are easily and accurately documented, charges are captured on invoices and you always have eyes on patient care flow.

Real-time Status of Your Practice

  • Display whiteboard on TVs or monitors throughout your hospital – refreshes automatically!
  • Keep it open on a separate tab or duel monitor at your computer workstations
  • Easily viewable on an iPad
  • Check on your practice in real-time from home
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Learn how to maximize your productivity with Whiteboard and Treatment Sheets. You can choose to attend one of our monthly, live trainings, request a custom training or learn at your own pace with our online learning management system.