Switching veterinary practice management software providers is a large undertaking, however, it doesn’t have to be stressful or scary. In this post, we’ll talk about the four things your veterinary practice needs to understand about the migration process in order to have a successful and complete veterinary software data migration.

YOU.  After your practice has changed veterinary software providers to Hippo Manager —–>

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Switching Veterinary Practice Management Software

Let’s go over the FOUR THINGS you should know when changing veterinary software providers.

  1. Knowing who owns your veterinary practice software data.
  2. Is it easier to switch from a cloud-based or server-based PiMS?
  3. How to convert veterinary software – what does the process look like?
  4. The cost.

How to switch veterinary software.  First things first.

1. Your veterinary practice should know who owns your data.

You probably assumed that YOU DO, but, that’s not always the case.

Do you own your veterinary practice data?

Here’s how to find out.

If you don’t own your data, transferring your information from one provider to another can get complicated.

Luckily, our data migration team has handled almost all complicated and sticky situations.  We can always offer advice and look at options on how to get data elements over to Hippo Manager.

At Hippo Manager we believe YOU should own your data and your years of hard work.  Your data is YOUR data when you move to Hippo Manager and similarly if you choose to leave.

If you don’t own your veterinary software data OR your provider is using your practice information and client information to SELL to other companies, it’s definitely time to protect your information.

Switch to Hippo Manager today, we never sell your, or your client’s information to other companies.

2. Changing veterinary software from cloud-based or server is really the same.

changing veterinary software server to cloud basedThe detailed process is the same, and in 2019, there’s just NO MORE EXCUSES to leave your out-dated, hardware dependent and COSTLY server-based PiMS.

See how server-based veterinary practice management software is COSTING your practice money day after day and why NOW is a GREAT time to switch providers.


I’ve got YEARS of data from an old server-based provider, can I switch to cloud veterinary software?


Come to the cloud.

It’s safe, secure, reliable and Hippo Manager has 99.9% uptime. Connect with ANY device using an internet connection (even a cell phone hot spot) and Google Chrome or Apple Safari browser. Don’t buy new equipment, use your existing hardware with Hippo Manager.

Whether it be 2 or 35 years of practice data we make switching veterinary software simple.

Is it easier to transfer my veterinary practice data from a newer cloud-based software than older server-based software?

No, not really.

The veterinary software data migration process is a detailed process whether the data comes from a cloud-based or server-based provider. The important variables to note are, if you own your data (see above), how compliant are your records (garbage in, garbage out) and how committed your practice is to meeting the migration benchmarks (timeline, checklist, and go-live date).

3. How do I convert my veterinary software?

You might find your self asking, “How do I convert my veterinary software?”  Well, your practice doesn’t, your veterinary software provider does. (Hippo Manager!)

For small practices, multi-location and larger enterprise veterinary offices, switching veterinary software is the same process.

Hippo Manager works alongside a third-party company that converts practice management data from all over the world.  Your veterinary practice and our team will manage a timeline that is aimed at hitting benchmarks that gets you well on the road to a successful veterinary software switch.

With that being said, here are some tips and valuable info when converting veterinary software:

Pick a good time to complete the process. It requires some hands-on attention from critical staff members as data is checked for accuracy at pivotal points during the migration.  However, sometimes with repeated server failures or out of just total frustration with your current veterinary software, now can be as good as time as any!

Hippo Manager is ready for the data migration process when you are.  We can begin as quickly as you can! With supportive attention from your veterinary staff, switching veterinary software to Hippo Manager can happen in as quickly as 4 weeks (call for information).

Hippo Manager boasts a highly-rated support and data migrations team dedicated to your practice that adheres to a timeline and readiness agreed to by your staff.

This is an outline of what it looks like to convert software providers (no matter your practice size or years of data):

  • Complete a free trial
  • Understand and review the timeline
  • Complete the checklist as well as all necessary staff training and onboarding
  • Commit to a go-live date
changing veterinary software vet staff with animalsComplete a FREE trial!

Completing a free trial and getting to know our software and team, is the first step. A no-obligation free trial is a great time to ask all your data migration questions and be ready to commit to the next steps.

The Timeline

Understanding the 6-week timeline that is usual for most veterinary software data conversions.  Knowing the timeline and being responsive alongside our team to ensure data accuracy is crucial. We’ll provide a checklist and great communication consistently so that any issues can be quickly resolved and we can keep moving forward. We’re here to help make your data migration great so you can hit the ground running in Hippo Manager.

Complete ALL Training

Complete all the necessary training and onboarding. All training is included and is PROVEN to make data conversions go smoothly. Complete the checklist as mentioned during the timeline above and necessary onboarding.

Ask for custom, additional online sessions if needed!

Not learning all that you can BEFOREHAND about how Hippo Manager makes your practice MORE efficient is like putting on your shoes before your socks, it just isn’t going to set you up right. (And that’s also going to look a little weird)

And remember: UNLIMITED training and support continues for the lifetime of your subscription.

Your practice can even request on-site and in-person training!  (This is TOTALLY OPTIONAL) This doesn’t have to be for data migrations and 99% of our veterinary software conversions happen online, however, maybe your practice would love some in-person attention.  We can make that happen!

Take advantage of our on-site training for a one-time fee.  It can be a great addition at any time during your Hippo Manager subscription.

Commit to a go-live date.

converting veterinary software commit to a go live dateActually, this should really be the first thing.

Commit. Like, put a ring on it Beyonce style.

Set that goal and stick to it.  You can dooo it!

Remind staff of the date and keep it in mind as benchmarks are achieved and the checklist gets completed.  We have your veterinary practice set up on a plan to succeed, stick to it and we will get there!



You’ve completed your checklist, hit the benchmarks and the timeline. All the training and onboarding is done by all staff and you’re ready to hit the ground running in Hippo Manager!  We will be online and waiting during your first day and week of go-live to answer any lingering questions or new issues that may arise.

We want to make sure switching veterinary practice management software to Hippo Manager is a TOTAL SUCCESS.

Your practice is up and running in Hippo Manager now and we’ve taken all your precious veterinary software data (that you own with Hippo Manager) and you’re seeing profits rise and your appointment scheduler STAY FULL.


That leads us to our last question, probably the most often-asked question – the COST.

4. How much does it cost to switch my veterinary software?

veterinary software data migration cost shopping bag(You can unclench your teeth – it’s ok)

If you’re switching to Hippo Manager, no need to hold your breath or wait for the other shoe to drop.  It’s a one-time fee that covers everything your practice needs for a successful veterinary software conversion.

All onboarding, training, support, the technical data team, and a project manager dedicated to your success is included in that price.  Everything mentioned above is included. No hidden costs, installation, setup fees or anything squirrely (animal pun intended).

We’ll even send you some squishy stress Hippos that you can (lovingly) squish if at any time you feel stressed.  If you do feel stressed, reach out to our team and let us help you. That’s why we offer unlimited support and training during migration and for the lifetime of your subscription.

We’re here to EMPOWER veterinary professionals to THRIVE.

So we’re ready to do just that, unlimited.

We can’t wait to help you THRIVE with Hippo Manager. Switching veterinary practice management software doesn’t have to be scary – see! Switch today and get awesome reports, easy estimates, stop missing charges with chart templates and use the greatest PiMS on the market (not to mention, the best team around).

Start a free trial here. Call or text us today – 877 819 0159 with questions or email:

Hippo Manager veterinary software pricing is simple and straightforward. 

$119 per month per vet with special pricing offered for non-profit, educational and enterprise.

$1,750 per data migration (only if you’re migrating your data from another provider)

$1,750 on-site training (totally optional)

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