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Hippo Manager Reviews

Veterinary practice partners have provided real client testimonials about Hippo Manager.

Read what people are saying about us!

Lots of veterinary professionals have taken the time to comment how easy to use our software is, how simple it is to learn and how Hippo Manager is always providing great learning tools and updates on our practice management software so that veterinary practice partners can get MORE out of our veterinary software.

Maybe it has to do something to do with how we’re a full-featured, awesome, software company that helps veterinarians and their clients every day.


Hippo help us a lot! The program contains all features that a Veterinary needs for having information about our clients and their pets.

Morelba Rivero

Billing POC

Cotorrita Veterinary


We have had good experience…we were not previously computerized and this was a pretty good intro. We were comparing prices and quality and Hippo was the best option in the market.

Dr. Christy Nicely


Coshocton Veterinary Clinic