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NEW! Whiteboard In-Hospital Appointment Status Options

We’ve updated our built-in whiteboard functionality with new in-hospital appointment status options. We’re busy adding new features and upgrades to build-out a more robust whiteboard! Furthermore, the whiteboard for in-hospital patients is perfect for our veterinary hospital practice partners and long-stay patient care.

What Are The Whiteboard In-Hospital Appointment Status Options?

There are five new status options that reflect for current in-hospital patients. Clicking on the patient appointment for in-hospital patients will show five additional statuses as follows:

  1. Dropped Off
  2. In Room
  3. In Surgery
  4. Recovery
  5. Waiting for Pick Up

whiteboard in-hospital appointment status options

How Do the New Whiteboard Status Options Affect Patient Care?

The new whiteboard addition allows for more streamlined workflows. Easily view all in-hospital patient statuses, all in one area. The whiteboard will only display patients who are indicated as currently in-hospital. It’s also possible to quickly sort the patient statuses by clicking on the column header!

veterinary whiteboard in-hospital appointment statuses

Easily sort the patient appointment status by clicking on the column header. The column will either A to Z or Z to A by clicking on the header again.

Curious about the update to whiteboard functionality in Hippo Manager?  Get a demo today!

new whiteboard functionality in Hippo Manager in-hospital status

Patients who are not checked-in will not show on the whiteboard to allow for priority patient viewing.

Additional Whiteboard Functionality in Hippo Manager

The Scheduler located on the “home” or, Choose Action screen will show a blue indicator bubble of how many patients are currently in hospital.

whiteboard in-hospital appointment status options current patients

Look for more whiteboard functionality in Hippo Manager in the coming months. The whiteboard is built-in and provides the full in-hospital patient care workflows for long term patient care.No third-party subscriptions or additional accounts will be required. The whiteboard will grow in features and give veterinary hospitals the tools needed to thrive!

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