Cloud Veterinary Software

Safer, More Efficient than Servers

Superior when compared to outdated software

Hippo Manager Cloud Veterinary Software

Cloud Based Veterinary Software

Hippo Manager is a cloud-based veterinary practice management software, which means you store data and access your software using an internet connection. This model replaces the cost of owning and maintaining a server in your hospital and eliminates the need to perform nightly backups and disruptions for updates. Enhancements and new features are added automatically, and you can access your patient records, schedule and tools from the field, at home or during parking lot check-ins – anywhere with internet access!

Increase Profitability

Year over year, Hippo Manager clients grow profits using our cloud veterinary software. Filled with robust built-in profit drivers such as appointment reminders, superior inventory management, and awesome reports. Take a look.

Hippo Manager Cloud-Based Veterinary Practice Management Software

Always Up to Date

Never worry about keeping track of updates. Our cloud-based software allows you to be up to date every time you use it, automatically.

Keep Your Devices and Computers

Use existing hardware or any mobile device. No upgrades needed.

Simple and Efficient

Easy to use and learn with the most visually appealing interface on the market. Make workflow at your practice more efficient saving your staff time and your practice money.