Veterinary Software for Canadian Practices

Supporting multiple languages and adaptable, serving the needs of best-practices and regulations in Canada

AnywhereAnytime, Safe & Secure. One price per month, per vet.

Unlimited Data at No Extra Cost

Unlimited data, unlimited patients and unlimited additional staff keeps you from being penalizing for high volume! All at one simple price per veterinarian.

Minimize System Errors

Integrated payment processing means fewer clicks, less keyed errors and average of 13 minutes a day in time savings for end-of-day reports. Canadian and international veterinary practices can use Stripe for payment processing, ALLYDVM Client Communication software, lab partners and more best-in-class partners.

Veterinary Workstation Front Desk Staff

Own Your Data

Our name is a nod to the HIPPA compliance standard. Hippo Manager holds veterinary data to the same standard of privacy and security as human medical records. We don’t monetize our customer’s data, use it without permission or hold it hostage