Best Veterinary Software for iPads and Tablets

Our Veterinary Software has been Optimized for Mobility and Touch Screens of all Makes and Models

Veterinary Software iPad

Keep Your Devices and Computers

Hippo Manager is not dependent on your iPad or Tablet version like apps can be, use Hippo Manager with the Google Chrome (or, Safari for Apple devices) app and access Hippo Manager from anywhere, without needing to update an app or a version of your device.

Use Your Existing Devices

Hippo Manager will run on iPad2 through the latest model!  Our veterinary software for tablets includes Samsung Tablets, Android devices and more!

Use the Google Chrome browser on Android tablets and Safari on all Apple devices to access Hippo Manager from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Hippo Manager Cloud-Based Veterinary Practice Management Software
Veterinary Software Tablet

Accept Payment from Anywhere

Hippo Manager veterinary software for iPads and Tablets includes built-in payment processing! Invoice, and accept payment from anywhere and go totally paperless – email receipts

Easy Touchscreen Use

Using veterinary software on touchscreen devices can be difficult and might not be sized or built properly for these devices. Hippo Manager works just as easily on laptops and desktops as well as all touchscreen devices.

Always Updated

Hippo Manager stays updated overnight and on weekends and completes any bug fixes without any interruption to your work. Never update an app or wait on a newer version. All updates are instantaneous.