Hippo Manager is incorporating the best text messaging veterinary software integration through a partnership with Zipwhip. Because we’re going beyond the typical veterinary practice one-way SMS reminders! Get better compliance, drive client loyalty and boost practice profits.

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2-way Text Messaging Veterinary Software Integration

zipwhip text messaging for client communications veterinary practiceAll practice partners can immediately access the integration through the Hippo Manager app via Zipwhip. Zipwhip is the leading provider of texting for businesses in the United States.

One-way SMS reminders can be costly and ineffective. Furthermore, one-way SMS reminders are just that. They don’t offer real communications that clients can respond to.  2-way text messaging is the more efficient way veterinary practices can communicate with clients. Results like better compliance and enhanced patient care should be visible changes that practices can see.

How it works

Same-day set up and no need for a cell phone. It’s possible to use any business landline and any computer to get started. Phone numbers inside Hippo Manager become “clickable” and once clicked, the messaging box pops up. Practices should ensure that the client phone numbers listed are cell phones and not landlines.

The 2-way text messaging and SMS looks just like a chat box. This is a great feature because it can be used from any desktop computer. It can also be used on a cell phone app so, access to texting clients can be from anywhere! Everything is tied to the client record and messaging history is always on file.

text message history veterinary practice management softwareMMS (multimedia messages) are included and unlimited! Send video and picture text messages to enhance patient care. Give clients a sense of relief and provide updates on their pet with a photo. As a result, veterinary practices can gain trust and loyalty by communicating with clients the way they prefer.

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Why is Zipwhip the BEST text messaging for veterinary practices?

Not only does text messaging reduce no shows, increase loyalty and boost profits. Furthermore, the integration that Hippo Manager has chosen helps veterinary professionals achieve better work-life balance.

Text from anywhere and any device! Easily maintain control over client communications and patient care. Because it’s so simple to utilize the unlimited features with Zipwhip and get home faster.

Read more about how Hippo Manager helps work-life balance for our veterinary friends, here.

Benefits of using a text messaging veterinary software integration

Reduce staff time trying to reach clients. Veterinary practice staff can spend countless hours on the phone trying to reach clients. Imagine all the time wasted while staff members wait to talk to a client and the phone just dials out. Easily use 2-way text messaging on iPads and in between appointments. As a result, staff time is optimized and practices can achieve higher productivity.best veterinary practice text messaging cartoon dogs texting

Understand all the ways that 2-way text messaging goes beyond simple one-way SMS reminders. Join our team of experts at our upcoming webinar and see the real benefit of using Zipwhip in Hippo Manager.

No need to leave Hippo Manager! Most text messaging integrations means that in order to text a client, practice staff needs to log into a separate account. Messages then need to be manually linked to the patient account which can leave room for errors. Furthermore, this gobbles up staff time. The Zipwhip integration opens a simple chat box that records all conversations and there’s not logging into anything else.  Access directly from inside Hippo Manager.

Using automated messaging and auto-replies saves even MORE staff time. Let clients know your practice office hours with an automatic response, for instance. Schedule automated messages for holidays and upcoming appointment reminders. Schedule messages in advance and get your staff out from underneath tasks that waste time.

We’re hosting a webinar!

All about the Zipwhip veterinary software integration, Thursday, May 16th 2p EST. Join our team and the experts at Zipwhip to learn how 2-way messaging can grow profits and save valuable time.

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